Super Gro Liquid (Organic Fertilizer) 5L

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D.I. Grow Organic Foliar Liquid Fertilizer (1 Litre)

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Afrimash offers you Organic fertilizers that contain natural elements that help boost the growth of your plants.

Organic fertilizers are naturally available mineral sources that contain a moderate amount of plant essential nutrients. They are usually made from plant or animal waste, that is, manure or compost. They are typically naturally produced but sometimes, they can also be highly processed products with a compost or manure base. Two key advantages of these fertilizers over their counterpart (inorganic/synthetic fertilizers) are:

They do not only help your plants grow well but generally improve soil structure.

Soil that’s been fertilized with organic matter is easier to work and allows more air to get to plant roots.
The organic material also permits the soil to hold water longer.
They increase the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil.

They are capable of mitigating problems associated with synthetic fertilizers.

Other benefits include:

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They are safer alternatives to chemical fertilizers.
They reduce the need for pesticides and the overall nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium requirements.
Because of the reductions, organic fertilizers can be cost-neutral and cost-saving.
They gradually release nutrients into the soil solution and maintain nutrient balance for the healthy growth of crop plants.
They also act as an effective energy source for soil microbes which in turn improve soil structure and crop growth.
Organic fertilizers are generally thought to be slow-releasing fertilizers and they contain many trace elements.

Improper use of organic fertilizers can lead to overfertilization or nutrient deficiency in the soil. Hence, organic fertilizers should be released in a controlled manner. This is an effective and advanced way to overcome these problems and maintain sustainable agriculture yield.