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Explore the Afrimash Agricultural Equipment section!

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Agricultural equipment generally refers to any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. Their primary function is to make traditional farm operations easier thus reducing labour, maximizing effort, and increasing productivity and profit. We offer a wide range of agricultural equipment and machines – from high-tech harvesters to simple tractors.

The various kinds of farm equipment available can meet the needs of small-scale farmers or gardeners as well as industrial-size farming operations. Modern farmers have a huge range of equipment options for the various activities they do on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

So, whatever the size of your farm or kind of farming/farming operations, you are sure to find what you need here!

The agricultural equipment section features several categories:

Land Preparation Equipment: Machines in this category include – tractors, cultivators, ploughs, drills, jab planters, disc harrowers, tillers, ridges, etc.

Land Preparation is the first step of any farming. It includes cleaning of land, removing large stones, burning previous crops stubble, levelling, reclamation, making ridges, furrows, etc. For this, different land preparation tools are used.

Food Processing Equipment such as grain thrashers, rice millers, cassava/oil palm/grain/poultry processing equipment, feed pelletizers, livestock equipment, etc.

We also offer Food Safety Equipment such as digital scales and meters, insect catchers, etc.

Farm Tractors for driving agricultural machinery. These tractors can be outfitted with a variety of attachments (machines) to suit just about any farming need.

See the different kinds of agricultural equipment available below