Live Bird Transport Crate (With Lid)

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Bird Transport Crates are high-capacity crates that provide safety for birds during transportation. It can contain twenty to twenty-five adult birds at a time. It is an economical medium that makes moving birds from one point to another hitch-free.
We offer strong, durable, and new transport crates at affordable prices.
Uses and Benefits
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Bird Transport Crates provide excellent ventilation to the birds during transportation.
They are very easy to use and clean.
They minimize injuries.
They are light in weight but very tough and can be used in extreme temperatures.
They require little to no maintenance.
They resist harsh disinfectants, detergents, and poultry waste.
They are made of high-density polyethene.
They can be conveniently stacked on one another.
They possess special perforated floors that help deter foot injuries.
They protect the chickens from external influences that can cause injury to them.
Bird Transport Crates are composed of hygienic, synthetic, and durable materials. It possesses a strong access door that is used to add and remove birds from the crate. It also possesses a slide-latch system that constrains theĀ escape of caged birds. The volume of birds transported varies according to the size of birds, climate, location, and size of the crate. The crates can be washed ahead of another transport cycle. These crates provide precise handling solutions developed for efficiency and productivity. They ensure practical and effortless handling. Their durability ensures that they are useful for an extended period/number of times. You will find a great collection of transport crates in our store and you can purchase as many as you want.