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Rabbit cages are popularly known as hutches and are usually recommended to contain watering devices, feeding bowls, bedding etc. We offer well-structured and sturdy rabbit cages. These are constructed to comfortably contain colonies of rabbits.

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Set up the pen in a very much ventilated territory that doesn’t get excessively hot or excessively cold.
Rabbit hutches should be made accessible to controlled or diffused daylight. Rabbits should not be directly exposed to direct sunlight
Rabbit hutches should be located in less noisy and crowded areas as noise can be a source of stress.
Wooden hutches offer better options due to their thermal properties, keeping the wind, rain, and chill out while providing shade during the hot seasons.
Conventional wooden cages are produced using wood, with chicken wirework over the entryway for visibility and illumination.
As a general guideline, the cage should be tall enough for the rabbits to sit upstanding on their back legs.
If you are stocking with weaners, kindly ensure the rabbit cages are big enough to accommodate the body increase as they grow, especially if they are to be confined in the same cage throughout their lifetime.
Ensure your rabbit cages have strong floors to tackle the unwanted condition known as pododermatitis, which occurs as a result of pressure wounds on the rear legs from sitting on hard floors or wet sheet material.
We also recommend the services of a veterinarian to supervise your farm or rabbits for therapeutic and prophylactic treatment.