Personal Protective Equipment

Agriculture involves the production of crops and livestock at the primary level. The process of this production involves the use of toxic chemicals that are harmful to farm workers. Workers in poultry farms handle diseased birds and come in contact with birds’ faeces or contaminated water. Agriculture also involves a wide range of different types of machinery, animals, plants and products, working in both indoor and outdoor environments under widely varying geographic and climatic conditions. Hence, there is a need to protect individual workers from the hazards of injury and infections.

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One of the most important contributory causes of such ill health is exposure to dust and other organic substances such as pesticides and fertilisers, chemicals, and infectious agents. Safety clothing is important on the farm as it protects workers against any health and safety risks at work. Also called PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), it lessens the likelihood of injury, illness, and legal issues, and ensures a safe, happy working environment for farm workers.

We offer facemasks, face shields, hand sanitisers and various combo of these products. These are available for nationwide delivery.