Bell Drinkers are used in supplying water sufficiently to poultry birds groomed with the deep litter system- from day-old chicks to matured chickens. They function effectively for broilers, cockerel, pullets, layers, turkey, e.t.c. Each bell drinker can serve about fifty birds.
We offer new, durable, and affordable bell drinkers.
Uses and Benefits

Bell drinkers ensure twenty-four hours provision of water to your chickens.

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They are made of plastic material and possess all the required accessories.
They keep the drinking water of the chickens clean and hygienic always.
They are easy to clean and use.
They ensure a moderate water level so the floor of the pens or barns is kept dry.

The use of bell drinkers remains the most suitable way of providing clean drinking water for poultry birds. They are sometimes called automatic drinkers. Part of their uniqueness is that they are easily adjustable to meet the needs of the chickens. One of the components in this drinker is the filter sieve: this is what ensures that the water that comes from these drinkers is safe and clean. Because they are made from high-quality polyethene, they have a long life span and can withstand rigorous activities from the poultry birds. They should be installed directly to the water supply while their bell shape guarantees the even distribution of the water. They are completely detachable. It is a piece of important equipment to have to achieve outstanding results with your birds, especially for layers- it boosts the production of quality eggs. Hygienic water is crucial in the overall performance of poultry birds.