Welcome to the Afrimash Poultry Drugs section!

In this section, we offer a variety of drugs and vaccines to enhance and maintain the health of chicks. Poultry vaccines are used in disease prevention while drugs can both prevent and cure diseases.

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Why your birds need to be vaccinated
Poultry vaccines are biological and when administered, they produce antibodies against disease-causing organisms in the body of the animals while poultry drugs, on the other hand, are chemical substances of when administered to the animals destroy the disease-causing organisms in the body of the animals thus curing the animals the infected diseases.

Vaccines give birds protection against viral and bacterial challenges that can damage their health. Vaccines are effective in preventing diseases, maintaining flock health, and increasing productivity. Some vaccines are only required while you’re raising chicks or when you bring your birds to market; others are always required to maintain health and produce healthy poultry.


Typically, it is advisable that when you purchase your Day Old Chicks (D.O.C), you have to request the vaccination program for your birds from your supplier so that you can be properly guided. Thankfully, you can trust Afrimash to provide the support and guidance you need.