Welcome to the Afrimash Ornamental Fish section!

Ornamental fishes are one of nature’s wonderful creations. They refer to attractive and colorful fishes of various characteristics (their peculiar
characteristics such as body color, morphology, mode of taking food, etc). and are kept as pets in confined spaces/glass aquaria. These species are reared and marketed for their beauty or exotic characteristics, rather than for consumptive or recreational use. Many nongame fish, including many marine and tropical fish, Goldfish (Carassius auratus), and koi are in this category.

In a bid to encourage the aquarium culture as well as provide aesthetic options, we offer various ornamental fishes ranging from the Japanese Koi, Koi-Molly, Gourami, Gold-fish, Angelfish, etc.
They are sourced from reputable aquaculture farms.
Our ornamental fishes are packaged in oxygen bags and delivered nationwide.

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Note:  These kinds of fish are typically kept in tanks or other aquarium systems and water quality is extremely important. In aquaculture, health management for ornamental fish farming involves proper water quality maintenance as the fishes are very sensitive to temperature and pH.