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Commercial Geese farming in Nigeria is one of the unpopular and profitable ways of generating income from poultry farming. Geese can be classified under the same family of poultry as the duck. Geese are widely known to be a good source of protein from their meats and eggs. Geese farming is the production, raising or keeping of geese like other domestic poultry birds such as chickens. Goose offers animal products such as meat, feathers, eggs and fat, which transform it into a highly coveted and profitable poultry enterprise.

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Commercial geese are raised for meat and egg production purposes. However, geese are efficiently and profitably grown owing to the fact that they survive very largely on grass and other tender green food during the growing season. For this reason, it is essential to have abundant pasture when planning to raise geese.

Before purchasing any new goslings, you should set up a suitable brooding pen for them with appropriate feeders and waterers. The pen should be located in a draft-free building with good ventilation and lighting, and there should be 6 inches of space per bird. Once the birds are 2 weeks old, you can increase the space to 1 foot per bird to accommodate their growth.
The floor of the brooding pen should be covered with absorbent litter material. At least four inches of wood shavings should be used. The litter will need to be maintained to prevent it from being wet or smelling. Remove wet, cakey or smelling litter from the house and replace it with fresh, dry litter.