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Day-Old AMO Pullets (ISA Brown | Pre-Order)

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Day Old Chicks
We offer healthy and affordable day-old chicks of different strains and breeds that are guaranteed to give you impressive yields.

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Uses and Benefits

Day-old chicks are easy to raise and manage.
They are very productive in that they grow to lay up to 300 eggs per year.
They begin laying eggs in eighteen to twenty-two (18-22) weeks.
They produce meat in great quantities.
They can adapt to various housing systems and environmental conditions.
Our day-old chicks are resistant to diseases.
They have low mortality especially after they have crossed the brooding stage ( zero to four weeks).
They have a great feed conversion ratio performance.
They are healthy and affordable.

Day-old Chicks need adequate heat, water, and bedding. Providing them with a clean and warm place to live with easy access to clean drinking water and nutritious chick feed will result in healthy and productive chicks. Healthy chicks are the basis for good poultry performance. Their feeding should be carried out in the morning and evening. Their diet should contain about twenty-five per cent proteins and one per cent of calcium because of their big size. Their water should be clean always and the water troughs should be filled more frequently during the hot season. Their house must be constructed in a way that would protect the birds from unfavourable weather conditions and predators. Proper ventilation must also be ensured and the floors of the house should be covered with wood shavings.

Our day-old birds are sourced from verified hatcheries (CHI, AMO, Agrited, Grinphield, Olam, Zartech, Sayed, etc.) and packaged in cartons of 50 chicks.
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Do place your orders and make payments 2-3 days before the expected processing/delivery date as the prices experience changes weekly.
They are administered the necessary vaccines for day 1 at the hatcheries before dispatch nationwide.