Mature broilers are chickens that are bred for meat production. They are the most popular poultry breeds and are unique for their fast growth. They provide the best quality meat in taste and appearance. They are easy to raise and are recognized for their excellent feed conversion ratio and yield.
We offer healthy, big, nutritious, and affordable mature broilers.
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Uses and Benefits
Mature broilers are easy to manage.
They produce meat in great quantity.
Their meat is superior in taste.
They can adapt to various housing systems and environmental conditions.
They are resistant to diseases.
They have a great feed conversion ratio performance.
They are healthy and affordable.
They are great at converting feed into muscle weight.

Mature broilers need adequate heat, water, and bedding. The broiler feed should contain a proper calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 2:1 to keep the birds healthy and mobile. The presence of antioxidants and probiotics in their feed is also important as it aids their digestive health. The feed should be easy to eat and digest. It is essential to ensure that the broilers have a sufficient amount of clean and fresh water because a broiler chicken will not be able to digest feed without adequate hydration. Their house must be constructed in a way that would protect the birds from unfavourable weather conditions and predators.
Proper ventilation must also be ensured and the floors of the house should be covered with wood shavings. This would enable constant warmth for the birds and would also help them channel their energy into growing. Their coop should be cleaned regularly. Broilers need more care than layers.