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Brown Salt Licks (Salt Blocks | 3kg | 5kg | 10kg)

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Grand HumiVet | Organic Solutions

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Welcome to Afrimash’s Veterinary Products and Services Section!

We offer a wide range of veterinary products and services. These products are compatible with a wide range of livestock and are delivered nationwide.

Veterinary Products such as vaccines help to achieve the shared goal of reducing the need for antibiotics while ensuring their availability to animals when needed to responsibly address diseases in animals throughout the agricultural community. Explore our store and check out our wide range of veterinary equipment that is needed for farm/zoo management. These range from automatic syringes to vaccines etc. We make treatment and maintenance of the health of farm animals easy, fast, and safe.

Our products are safe, sterile, and ready to use and delivery of veterinary equipment is nationwide.

More on Veterinary Products and Services

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Veterinary products are important tools in the prevention and control of animal diseases. They include vaccines, and veterinary medicines, such as antimicrobial agents, diagnostic kits, etc.

Veterinary services fall into four main categories:

Clinical services (treatment of diseased animals and control of production-limiting disorders)
Preventive services (avoiding the outbreak of diseases)
Provision of drugs, vaccines, and other products (such as artificial insemination)
Human health protection (inspection of marketed animal products).