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Antifungals are medicines that kill or stop the growth of fungi(moulds) that cause infections. They are also called antimycotic agents. There is a wide range of antifungals with different active agents. Many of the antifungal agents that are used in animals for the treatment of invasive fungal infections can include polyenes (e.g., amphotericin B and nystatin), azoles, including both the imidazoles and triazoles, and allylamines (e.g., terbinafine), and the echinocandins.

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What are Fungi

Fungi can be single-celled or very complex multicellular organisms. They are found in just about any habitat but most live on the land, mainly in soil or on plant material rather than in sea or fresh water. A group called the decomposers to grow in the soil or on dead plant matter where they play an important role in the cycling of carbon and other elements. Some are parasites of plants causing diseases such as mildews, rusts, scabs or canker. In crops, fungal diseases can lead to significant monetary loss for the farmer. A very small number of fungi cause diseases in animals