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Feed supplements are products that are manufactured to increase the nutritional quality and content of an animal feed. They are necessary for healthy growth, increased survivability, and excellent profits. We offer various nutritious and well-processed feed supplements for different animals (livestock and poultry) at affordable prices.
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Uses and Benefits

Feed supplements are used to boost the healthy growth and development of animals.
They can be given to animals during the rainy and dry seasons.
They are safe to eat and contamination-free.
Their nutritional composition is mostly based on calcium and phosphorus. Other trace minerals are also found in their composition.
They complement grazing when the grasses are deficient in minerals and trace minerals.
They boost fertility and skeletal development.
They aid in increasing production and consequently, profits.
They sometimes contain antibiotics that assist in reducing the possibility of animals becoming infected, diseased, and sick.
They improve the weight gain of the animals.
They assist in improving conception rates and the weaning process.

Feed supplements also contribute to inhibiting the life cycle of certain pests. They do this by obliterating by favourable breeding conditions of these pests and improving the immunity of the animals. Many of the nutrients needed by animals like vitamins, phosphorus, amino acids, calcium, e.t.c. are found in feed supplements. This makes them useful for young, pregnant, and sick animals. They are very important in agriculture, especially in livestock and poultry farming. These supplements provide an easy way for farmers to provide the proper balance in the nutritional diet of animals that helps promote good health, quality, and high yield.