Shop as a customer is a feature that lets you switch into a customer’s account from the front end of the site using their name or email address. The email address is the main qualifier.

When you log into a customer’s account, you can verify:

  • Orders place
  • Status of order placed
  • Membership
  • Membership Status
  • Available store credit or coupons
  • In short everything that a customer should be able to check from his account

You can also carry out tasks on the behalf of customers:

  • Placing an order correctly
  • Changing of stored addresses
  • And other functions that a customer should be able to perform on his own

Shopping Assistance Service

As a customer service agent or customer experience frontliner, you will often be faced with situations where you may need to provide shopping assistance to customers who are not Internet savvy or do not have access to good Internet. This Shop As A Customer feature will enable you to do this perfectly. You can collect order details from the customers via phone, chat or email and create an order on their behalf.

How to Use Shop as a Customer Feature

At the admin panel go to the admin profile menu and click the Switch to Customer and popup will appear. You can also switch to guest userfrom here.

Search Customer or User Roles by Name or Email

Search customer or user roles by name or email and select the customer you want to switch .

Switch to a Customer

Choose any customer you want and click the Switch button to switch from admin mode to customer view.

shop as a customer

View Orders of a Customer

After selecting the customer from the list , you can see his orders by clicking View Order button on the popup.

shop as a customer

Edit User Profile

Once you have selected the customer, you can click Edit Profile for editing his profile.

shop as a customer

Switch Back to Admin

When you are in a customer view mode, the top bar will appear containing Switch Backbutton. Just click that button and it will take you back to admin mode.

Hide the Switch Back Bar

You can hide the switch back bar by clicking any “-” button displaying on the left and right side of bar.

View Log of  Customer Accessed Accounts

Go to WooCommerce > Customer Logs to view the history of users accessed accounts. You can export them as well.