Below are simples steps with illustrations on how to generate your affiliates URL

  1. Click on the search icon to look for the product you want to promote

2. Type the name of the product you would like to promote in the search space and click search

3. On the product page, copy the link of the page at the top of the page

4. Click on the profile icon at the top of the website, the third item from the right of the page

5. If you are not logged into your affiliate account, put your username and passwords and log in

6. Once logged in, click on the Affiliate account

7. Scroll down and paste the page link that you copied earlier in the Page URL box.

8. Input the Campaign name

9. Click on Generate URL button

10. The referral link pops up, copy the link, that is your URL/referral link

11. Share it on any other platform of your choice, e.g Whatsapp status, WhatsApp Group, Facebook etc.

Did you find these steps and illustrations helpful, click the link below to generate your URL now.