We provide Buyer Protection to ensure customers buy confidently from your store via the Internet and thus help increase your online sales. You can read more about our Buyer Protection policy here.


This same way, all our suppliers are assured of Supplier Protection from fraudulent buyers. Already, we have fortified our site against fraudulent attacks. We also ensure the buyer pays for your product before you ship to them. When we receive your money, you can then ship to the buyer. This way, we help you avoid fraudulent buyers on the Internet.

Here are steps you need to take to help us protect you:

Step 1 – Always Deal With Your Relationship Manager Regarding Supplies

Every seller on Afrimash is assigned a Relation Manager (CRM). The name and contact of your own CRM will be sent to you immediately you become a Seller on Afrimash. Whenever any other person contacts you apart from your CRM, please confirm directly from your CRM or AFRIMASH HELP before proceeding with any instructions you get; and make sure you are the one making the phone call (and not receiving).

Step 2 – Save All Our Numbers on Your Phone and Add Our Email to Your Address Book

Copy and save all our numbers on your phone with any other name that you like apart from “Afrimash”. They are the numbers that AFRIMASH HELP would be using to contact you. Also add [email protected] to your email contacts and ditto for BBM and Whatsapp.

Step 3 – Supply Only After We Have Confirmed Payment on Your Behalf

Don’t give in to any form of pressure. To protect your product from fraudsters on the Internet, always wait for a member of our team to confirm that your product has been paid for before shipping to the buyer.

Step 4 – Contact Us Directly If You Are Suspicious

Don’t call back the number that called you or reply the message that you get.

If you plan to call us, call any of our HELP NUMBERS on your phone to confirm the order or payment from our administrative team.

If you plan to send a message via email, Whatsapp, BBM or any of our messaging avenues, ensure you create a new message rather than replying the message you received. Send your message to the AFRIMASH HELP email, BBM and Whatsapp ID on our website.

Handling False Customer Complaints

To avoid the abuse of our Buyer Protection policy, we expect you (the supplier) to file your complaints at any time you think a buyer wants to outsmart our Buyer Protection policy. Simply contact us here to air your complaints.