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Crop Section

Agriculture is broadly divided into four sectors in Nigeria–crop production, fishing, livestock and forestry. Crop production remains the largest segment and it accounts for about 87.6% of the sector’s total output.  Being the largest sector of agriculture in Nigeria, Crop production is done both on a large scale and small scale with the small farmers having the highest population. It is important to ensure the availability of farm inputs like seeds and crop-related products to these farmers. Afrimash crop section offers a vast variety of crop seeds, agrochemicals, fertilizers and many more inputs to farmers with easy access and delivery options.

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This section features:

Hybrid seeds: Genetically engineered seeds are the best when it comes to improved crop quality and increased yield. Afrimash Offers different F1 hybrids of various crops.

Agrochemicals: Pesticides like Insecticides, Herbicides, and fungicides are important farm inputs that put a farmer’s production in line. We offer trusted chemicals from different brands and manufacturers for your usage

Irrigation Kits: irrigation is the artificial supply of water. water is an essential factor for plant yield and the supply can be controlled with the irrigation kits we offer for sale.

Fertilizers: Soil nutrients get worn out and hence, the need to supplement them arises. our vast picks of organic and inorganic fertilizers will get you going at all times.