Welcome to the Afrimash Digital Meters section!

In this section you will find a variety of digital measuring meters that farmers can use on their farms to optimize their operations. The offered meters include a wide range of measuring devices such as digital weight scales, pH meters, temperature and humidity meters, hygrometers, water quality testers, grain moisture meters, digital hanging and crane scales, halogen moisture meters.

Due to improvement in precision agriculture and steps taken to mitigate common and uncommon challenges specific to the environment, these technologies are being leveraged by farmers to address such.

This has made it possible for farmers to be able to map current and future changes in precipitation, temperature, crop yields, plant health, as well as other applications.

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One advantage of these meters over analog meters is the digital display of the measured quantities. They display values of whatever quantity or phenomenon they measure as numerical values rather than having to read directly from a needle calibration.

Other advantages include:

High precision
Digital screen
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Quite portable and very mobile.
It gives a separate reading in the form of a decimal number, for each given input quantity.
It features a digital gauge that enables further accuracy and precision measurement.
The different meters available are suitable for supermarkets/retail stores, feed mills, warehouses, workshops, agricultural markets, farms, industries, etc., depending on the application.
They are durable.