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You are a “New User” if you have never placed an order on Afrimash.com.

Every user on Afrimash.com has access to only one New User coupon. This is if he or she has never placed an order on Afrimash.com. So, you need to choose one of the available New User coupons.

Anyone can use  the New User coupons when they place an order online by themselves. The new user coupons do not apply to orders created by our shopping assistants on your behalf.

The New User Coupons are valid for your first order only, and they cannot be used on subsequent orders.

To use any of the New User Coupon,  you need to have an order amount exceeding the required purchase minimum listed for the coupon.

We reserve the right to invalidate a New User Coupon if we suspect an account is violating or has violated the New User coupon conditions..