Welcome to the Afrimash Fish Equipment section!

A fish farm is one of the easiest agriculture businesses to start and manage if you have the right tools. Whether you are looking to start a fish farm or looking to get equipment and tools for better operation on your fish farm, we have something for you.

Explore this page to find the equipment necessary to start or manage your fish farm. We offer a wide range of fish farm equipment including:

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mobile fish ponds and tarpaulins for breeding fish;
twine nets which are used for making fishing tools and also serve a defensive function by being used to cover ponds and guard against insect, bird, rodent, and other foreign invasion attacks;
feed pelletizing machine for processing fish feed into pellets;
water quality testers used to determine the alkalinity and acidity of the water the fish is bred in. Knowing the quality of your water will help you quickly determine if you need to regulate your water or not;
drying kilns for smoking or drying fish and;
measuring scales for weighing fish. This allows the fish farmer to know if the fish are gaining or losing weight. The weight is also used to determine the price, etc.