Chicken Cages are houses constructed to keep chickens in order and secure them from external attack.
We offer new, strong, durable chicken cages at affordable prices.
Uses and Benefits
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Chicken cages allow for more airflow, therefore promoting better health for the chickens.
They protect the chickens from external attack.
They help in keeping the farm orderly and neat.
It is easier to feed a large number of chickens when they are in their cages.
It also promotes easier body/health examination of the chickens.
It aids in the faster and easier collection of eggs.
The temperature in the cage can be controlled.

There are different forms of chicken housing systems. We have the stack formation, the pyramidal system, and the floor installation system. The stack formation is plain and straightforward. Each cage is placed on one another in long rows. The pyramidal system facilitates more airflow, but it is less space conservative than the stack form. In this system, the cages – the top and the front – face the wind. The floor installation is the least conservative of them all in terms of space. This is because the cages are simply spread out on the floor but this style promotes good health for the chickens. When the eggs are laid, they roll away from the mother hens, therefore ensuring that the eggs remain clean. This reduces food safety risks. It is easier to use feeders and drinkers when the chickens are in their cages. Generally, these cages keep the farm in order.