Commercial rabbits are classified according to their weight or hair. The weight categories are small (1.4 to 1.8kg), medium (4 to 5.4kg), and large (6.4 to 7.3kg).

For meat production, medium-weight New Zealand Whites, Californians, etc. are available.
For laboratory use, the breed will depend on the specifications of the customer. Angora rabbits are the only breed used for wool production.
Typical part-time enterprises consist of 50 to 100 rabbits. A full-time enterprise should have at least 600 females (does) and 60 males (bucks).
Each doe produces 25 to 50 live rabbits a year, which will yield 125 to 250 pounds of meat. Angora breed produces 8 to 10 inches, or 12 to 16 ounces, of wool per year.
Our commercial rabbits are well packaged for comfort during transit and available for nationwide delivery.