Pigs (porcine) are domestic farm animals that are raised to produce meat (pork). They are classified for marketing purposes as bacon, pork, and lard types. They can be used for other uses like medical purposes.

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Uses and Benefits

Pigs (porcine) are a major source of meat for humans.

They provide useful products to humans, including lard, glue, leather, fertilizer, and various medicines.

They are among the most intelligent animals of all domesticated animals.

They are very profitable and make for good business.

There are more than three hundred breeds across the globe. They are classified according to their weight and the heaviest is called lard. The basic feed for pigs is corn. They also feed on oats, wheat, barley, and sorghum. They are also called swine. Male pigs are called boars and female pigs are called sows. Pigs are found and raised in every part of the world. The pregnant female pigs carry around ten piglets for 114 days before giving birth. Pigs are incredibly versatile and can be raised in a range of systems from huge, capital-intensive production units to small, labour-intensive family units, where pigs scavenge for food. Research has proven that pigs are capable of discerning time, remembering objects, and making use of memorized information to navigate their environment. They also have a broad range of playful behaviours. This is also another indication of their intelligence. They can be bred throughout the year without any seasonal restraints.

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