MultiZyme-Digestion Enhancer For Livestock

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Feed additives are a category of products used in animal nutrition to boost the nutritional value of animal feed. They are usually nutritious and are of great importance to animal health. Several feed additives are available in our store ranging from preservatives, colourants, and flavours to antioxidants, vitamins and minerals supplements, amino acids supplements, coccidiostats, emulsifiers, digestion enhancers, e.t.c. These products are manufactured by verified companies.
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We offer various brands of veterinary feed additives recommended for inclusion during feed formulation and administration at affordable prices.

Uses and Benefits

Feed additives are used in animal feed to boost the nutritional content of the feed.
They improve animal health by providing nutrients that prevent and protect against diseases.
They enhance the flavour of the animal feed.
They can be included in animal diets or used particularly when the need arises.
They increase the energy content in animal feed.
They contain compounds like butylhydroxytoluene (BHT), ethoxyquin, butyl hydroxyanisole (BHA), vitamin E, and vitamin C which contain antioxidant properties.
They are safe to be added to your animal feed.
They can be fed to pets and for-profit poultry and livestock.
They are affordable.
They prompt the products of these animals e.g eggs, to be better at a nutritional advantage than others.

Feed additives are safe, nutritionally adequate processed products that are necessary for poultry and livestock farming. They increase the performance of animals. They have a positive effect on animals and animal feed. They supply the feed with macro and micronutrients. Another example of additives is feed enzymes that help in breaking down anti-nutritional factors and thereby increasing the potential of feeding the animals alternative grains.


These additives (compatible with a wide range of livestock) are sourced from verified companies and available for nationwide deliveries.