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Poultry is a category that talks about the practice of poultry farming, poultry birds, and all the poultry equipment. Poultry birds are the birds that are reared or bred for egg and meat production while the equipment are tools that enable farm operation to be easier and more productive. Examples of birds available are turkeys, broilers, cockerels, layers, noilers, e.t.c. Examples of equipment available are feeders, drinkers, incubators, egg crates, bird transport crates, chicken cages, paddles, brooders, e.t.c. We offer you top-quality equipment and healthy birds at affordable prices.
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Uses and Benefits

Poultry farming is one of the most popular and consumer-demanding farming operations because it solely provides the eggs used by humans for consumption, and it supplies a good percentage of the meat eaten worldwide.
Poultry birds provide the best quality meat and eggs in taste and appearance.
They are easy to manage and are a suitable market option because of their excellent feed conversion ratio and yield.
These birds are affordable and healthy, and their rearing does not usurp all the energy of the farmers.
They can adapt to various housing systems and environmental conditions.
They are resistant to diseases.
Poultry equipment ensure smooth and effective running of the farm.
They encourage faster development and great productivity of the birds.
They are easy to use.
They limit the rate of injuries among the birds and also among the farmers.
They are made of top-quality materials.
They aid the farmers in the proper handling of the birds.


Deliveries and pickup for day-old chicks (50 chicks per carton) are scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays (Southwest Nigeria) and Tuesdays and Fridays (Other Regions). Kindly place your orders  2 days (at most) before the expected delivery days.

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