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Cockerels, Kuroilers/Noilers (Day Old Chicks)

Deliveries and pickup for kuroiler/noiler chicks (50 chicks per carton) are scheduled for Mondays and Thursdays (Southwest Nigeria) and Tuesdays and Fridays (Other Regions).

  • Kindly place your orders  2 weeks (at least) before the expected delivery days as these options are available on pre-booking. Orders from different vendors may inform different delivery dates.
  • Do not pay additional fees to the third party transporters as your order on Afrimash covers the cost of the product and the shipping fee to your location.
  • Before leaving the point of delivery, please count your birds while the driver/delivery agent is present to witness. Then contact us immediately if there are challenges. If you have a large order, kindly give us feedback within 45 minutes after the pick-up.

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Amo Noilers
AMO Noilers (Day-Old Chicks)

AMO Noilers (Day-Old Chicks)

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Cockerels (roosters, cocks) are the male gallinaceous birds (mature male chickens less than one year old are called cockerels).

  • Cockerels have markedly pronounced combs on their heads, and they appear bulkier, with longer and more decorative tail feathers than hens.
  • They have the unique characteristics of crowing.

Kuroilers are hybrids of broilers and cockerels.

  • They have the resistance of cockerels and some meat characteristics of broilers and have an average maturity of 3 to 4 months.
  • A dual-purpose chicken breed; that is, for meat and eggs.
  • They can scavenge for food and water thus can be managed in the intensive/semi-intensive systems. They are also not expensive i.e. they are affordable chicken breeds and cheaper to maintain.

Our day-old kuroilers/cockerels are sold in cartons of 50 chicks and are delivered nationwide.

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