Point-of-Lay refers to chickens or hens that have matured to the stage of laying eggs. They are expected to begin to lay when they have reached 18 – 22 weeks old (these may vary depending on a lot of factors).

We offer healthy and mature point-of-lay hens for sale at affordable prices.
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Uses and Benefits

Point-of-Lay are a preferable choice for new farmers to start chicken egg production or poultry farming because they have passed their vulnerable stages.
Buying hens at this stage results in lesser investment in chicken feed.
It also results in lesser expenses in the general upkeep of the chickens.
These chickens have been groomed by experienced farmers and professionals.
They have been vaccinated.
They were raised under close supervision and in conducive conditions.

Point-of-lay chickens are best purchased when are around 12 to 14 weeks old. This is to allow them to get used to their new environment and the new farming conditions. If they are well managed, they can cross the fifty per cent egg production within two months and can reach eighty per cent egg production within four months of buying them from us. These point-of-lay chickens need adequate heat, water, and bedding. Their house must be constructed in a way that would protect the chickens from unfavourable weather conditions and predators. Proper ventilation must also be ensured and the floors of the house should be covered with wood shavings. This would enable constant warmth for the hens. Their coop should be cleaned regularly.

The point of lay hens are available on scheduled days and the prices listed on our website are per hen.

Kindly be informed we add an extra 1 bird for every 100 purchased. This is to cover for mortalities on transit or missing birds at the point of delivery.
Deliveries to distant locations may experience delays as well as expected mortalities based on the distance. Thus the extras are to cover for the expected mortalities.