Plant Seedlings are young plants that grew from seeds and were nurtured in a tree nursery under appropriate temperature conditions, light, and moisture. They are usually about one to two years old. We offer tender, healthy, and well-groomed plant seedlings at affordable prices. We deliver nationwide!

Uses and Benefits
Plant Seedlings are used to produce a flourishing expanse of the specific crop.
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It is essential for plant species with tiny seeds.
It is also needed for plants with specific germination or mycorrhizal requirements.
Seedlings permit the use of planting machines which results in rapid planting rates.
These seedlings were groomed under steady environmental conditions like light, oxygen, water, and temperature.
They are healthy and tender.
Planting of seedlings requires vital management inputs like ploughing, fertilizing, weed control, e.t.c which facilitates rapid growth and improved survival.

Plant Seedlings undergo photosynthetic reactions. There are monocot and dicot seedlings. The monocot seedlings have a primary root protected by a coating known as coleorhiza. This coating pushes off the seeds and when the seedling leaves appear, they are also covered by coleoptile – a protective covering. Dicot seedlings have a primary root called radicle that emerges first and assists the seedling in absorbing water by anchoring it to the ground. Dicots appear above the surface with their seed coat while monocots do not. Seedlings are usually made up of three parts; the embryonic root (radicle), the embryonic shoot (hypocotyl), and the cotyledons (seed leaves). They are best planted in well-spaced rows for even distribution, and adequate spread of nutrients.