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Referral Links


Affiliates Marketing: How to Generate Referral Links

The referral link is what you share on your platform to prospective customers. This link helps to match purchases on the website to your affiliates ID, which help track your referral and commission earned

Generate your referral link by taking the following steps on your affiliate dashboard:


  • Open the product page of the product you want to promote on Afrimash website
  • Copy the link of the product page at the top of the site
  • Log into your affiliate account
  • On the affiliate dashboard, click on Affiliate URLs, and your details such as affiliate ID and referral URL Generator appears.
  • Paste the product page link you copied earlier inside the box, beneath PAGE URL
  • Input the campaign name of your choice
  • Click on Generate URL


The link that appears above the generate URL box is what you copy and share with your audience on any platform you want to reach out to them.