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Afrimash CEO, speaks on 4 major ways to achieve success in business at the UISB (Ibadan School of Business) conference, with the theme “Life Career and Business Success” on Friday, 15th of September 2023, the conference had in attendance several dignitaries from all spheres of life, amongst which include Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun, the CEO and co-founder of Afrimash.

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Group Photograph of Afrimash CEO and dignitaries present at the event.

It was made known to all that “Ibadan School of Business is known for her discipline” as stated by the chairperson of the event, in her address to as many seated in the beautiful auditorium.

The highlight of the event was the speech from the CEO and co-founder of Afrimash, Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun, who appreciated the Almighty God for the privilege to speak at the event and the grace to run a successful business in Nigeria, He also appreciated the organizers of the event. Dr. Ayo stated that Afrimash is an online market like Amazon, but designed specifically for farmers, Afrimash helps connect farmers to their agricultural needs across Nigeria.

Afrimash CEO speaks on 4 major ways to achieve business success.
Afrimash CEO speaks on 4 major ways to achieve business success.

Afrimash also helps relieve farmers of the stress of going to the market to get agricultural products as they place their orders on the Afrimash website for a wide range of products listed on the website from crop products, animal products, fertilizers, plating equipment, machines and lots more, from the comfort of their home and get their products delivered from our office in Ibadan to their respective location, Nationwide.

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Furthermore, Dr. Ayo went on to itemize major things to note about business success. He admonishes everyone aspiring to own or start a profitable business to put these words at heart, as the success of every business, in the long run, would depend on these four pillars for business success, growth, and continuity.

Afrimash CEO Itemize 4 Major Ways to Achieve Business Success

·        Personal Pursuit of Knowledge

Everyone hoping to start a business needs to have a personal pursuit for knowledge, and a burning desire to learn. The quest for knowledge led the co-founder and CEO of Afrimash, to learn and unlearn, an act which is known to have many turns one of which included finding a mentor. In 2008, Dr.Ayo on finishing from the university gained mentorship for a period of six months to one year on ethics, which aided his career journey.

Dr. Ayo reminded everyone of the importance of having a personal pursuit for knowledge and mentorship, leaving us with this quote “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. What will fill your vessel is the personal pursuit of knowledge”.

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Question and Answer session

·        The beautiful ones are not yet born

The best is yet to come, a statement that serves as a bedrock for innovation, as shown from the historical trend of events from the use of horses down to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), with a word of note that the best is yet to come, and we should not settle for what great milestone we have accomplished cause there is more yet untapped and yet to be accomplished. The best is yet to come, a drive that should encourage you to have a personal quest for knowledge.

·        Value People (Network)

Everyone who hopes to succeed not just in business but in life needs to know the importance and value of people, as a great deal of what we become is tied to the quality of people in our network. He further stated, that between now and five years, what will change your status, life, and career are two things.

·        The knowledge you acquire.

·        The people you have in your life.

He also left a word of note saying; “never jam a door behind you”, see value in serendipity, network intelligently, and prioritize valuable relationships.

·        Where do you want to be in five years?

A question that seems to be quite simple but when asked can pose a bit of difficulty cause a lot of people have not been given time to ask and answer this question for themselves.

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Presentation of Gift.

Take time to think about your last days on earth, what do you want people to say about you? What do you want to be remembered for? This should serve as a guide to writing your life’s vision. Write out a life’s vision of what you want to achieve in 5 years and most importantly write out, what you want to achieve in your life, which will help you to sail to a desired destination. He went further to close with a quote from Elon Musk – “It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”.

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