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Do You Know a Perfect Candidate for the “Africa Food Prize 2016”?

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The Africa food prize originated from the Yara prize, which was
founded in 2005. It is the most notable award to acknowledge the distinguished
individual or institution whose contributions is creating a new age of
opportunity for all Africans.


A sum of US $100,000.00 will be awarded to celebrate
Africans who have leverage in the field of the African agricultural docket and
are making significant impact in turning farming in Africa to a lucrative
business. The Prize brings to limelight audacious initiatives and distinct
innovations that can be a replica of an absolute agriculture in the continent.

The Africa food prize receives funding from AGRA and Yara
International. The prize is awarded yearly at the   African Green Revolution Forum, beginning
with the 2016 AGRF which will take place at Nairobi, Kenya from 5th
to 9th of September.


Winners of the Africa food prize are selected by a panel of
exceptional and independent leaders in African agriculture. The chairman of the
panel is the former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo.


The prize gives recognition to exceptional men,
women and institutions whose extraordinary contribution to African agriculture
is creating a new age of renewable food security and economic opportunity that
ennobles all Africans.

Modeling the values and principles created by
the Yara prize, the Africa food prize brings to limelight the achievements and
innovations that can be a replica of an absolute agriculture in the continent,
in order to solve the problems of hunger & poverty and create new sources
of employment & income.


The Africa food prize can be awarded to any
individual or notable group of individuals, and established institutions,
associations, organizations or government bodies who are formally recognized in
the judicial and organizational structure that contributes to the general
objectives of the prize.

Any qualified candidate can be awarded the prize
regardless of their nationality, profession or location, whose work or
contributions in their work, has had a significant impact on the Africa plight
nationally, regionally and continentally.

The award can be specifically for contributions,
achievements or countless efforts and remarkable outcomes in the last few

Members of the Africa food prize committee, or
an institution/organization headed by such member s at present or recently are
not eligible for the prize. Also, a person who is already dead cannot be
awarded but if a winner dies before receiving the prize, he/she will be
presented at the event as a prize winner.

More than one winner can be awarded the prize
but the winners cannot exceed two. Cases in which there are two winners, each
winner will receive equal prize money (USD 100,000 divided in two), a diploma
and a trophy.


In order to be eligible for the prize, a nomination written
in either English or French must be submitted.

To be selected by the Africa food prize committee, all
nominations and supporting documentation must be received

The process for nomination for the Africa food prize 2016
begins with nominations being sent to the Africa food prize secretariat by
Friday, June 24, 2016. Nominations must contain all vital and requested
information. After this, the Africa Food Prize secretariat helps the committee
to screen and select candidates. Through unanimous vote, the winner of the
Africa Food Prize is chosen by the Africa Food Prize Committee. The absolute
authority resides with the Prize committee and their decisions cannot be altered
or appealed.


Nominations must be submitted by Friday 24, June 2016.
Submission can be done in three ways:

Via Post:

Attn: The Africa Food Prize Secretariat West End Towers, 4th
Floor, Kanjata Road off Muthangari Drive, Off Wanyaki Way P.O Box 66773,
Westlands 00800, Nairobi, Kenya.

Via Email:

[email protected]


Fill the nomination form on the official website of the
Africa Food Prize –
You can also download information about how to prepare a
nomination on the official website.


The past winners of the prize are Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, the former
Nigerian Agriculture minister who is currently the head of the African
Development Bank ( AfDB);  Agnes
Kalibata, the former minister of Agriculture and Animal Resources in Rwanda who
serves currently as the president of AGRA; and Ousmane Badiane, Africa Director
for International Food Policy Research Institute ( IFPRI).




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