[wpsm_update date=”2019.02.12″ label=”Update”]Guidelines for Day-Old Chicks Vendors[/wpsm_update]

Registration of vendors:

Vendors can register on the website and will be notified on their approval status as soon as they have agreed to the terms and conditions offered, as well as met the basic requirements for vendor registration.

Forwarding of product pictures and additional information for upload on the website

(First 10 products will be uploaded and optimized for free. Additional products will attract extra fees. Read Terms and Conditions of Selling on Afrimash).

  • Brief information on the characteristics and attributes of each of the poultry breed offered should be made available for product/web optimization.
  • Attached pictures of the poultry breed as well should be supplied (This could include pictures of the birds in-situ at the farm, packaged in cartons, individual chicks, adult birds at maturity and/or videos).

Shipping Fee/Pickup Locations in Each State:

Vendors are required to set their shipping fees per product or for all their products using their Afrimash account. If you need assistance, please contact your Afrimash Partner Experience Personnel.

Shipping locations in each state should be made available for update on the Day Old Chick pick-up points section.

Phone Number of Contact Persons in Each Pickup Point:

This should be supplied for routine communication and feedback (in case of complaints).

Phone number of drivers: This, as well as the pickup address per order, should be sent to each customer scheduled for pickup on/at the specified date/location. This is necessary for the customers to be notified as well as follow up on the status of their orders.

These should be forwarded in text message format between 6 pm and 7 pm prior to delivery (the evening of dispatch from Ibadan) for customers outside Southwest Nigeria. This information should be forwarded to the customers within southwest Nigeria early enough before dispatch.

Afrimash Order Creation-completion Delivery Cycle:

Please review the Afrimash buyer protection policy here.

  1. When a customer places an order and makes payment, the vendor, as well as Afrimash will receive notifications via email.
  2. The customer makes payment (total price of the product and the shipping fee to the state) to an Afrimash Holdings account. Payments are linked to the customer’s order then processed.
  3. Once an order has been processed, the seller/vendor will also be notified as well via email so the dispatch can be planned for.
  4. Successful orders are shipped to the customers at the scheduled days for delivery/pickup.
  5. Once customers receive their orders, they are expected to inspect and count the birds then contact us for feedback.
  6. Also, the customer care staff and vendor are to follow up on the delivery status as well.
  7. Orders which arrive in good condition (devoid of mortalities or missing birds) and confirmed at the pickup points will be deemed completed. The order status on the website will be updated to * complete* and the vendor will be automatically notified via email.

***This cycle occurs before payment is made to the vendor’s bank account for each successful order/batch. 

Branding of Day-old Chicks Cartons Before Dispatch

  • The name and phone number of each customer.
  • The name of the hatchery (and DOC breed) must be labeled on each carton.
  • The shipping fee/carton/location has already been paid for each order (for an order to be successful via Afrimash, the product price and the shipping fee would have been reflected. Once payments are made and confirmed, the order is processed). Thus each carton should have “PAID” written on it to prevent disputes with drivers at pickup.

Orders (those dispatched and those rescheduled)

It is expected that some orders might not be fulfilled due to unforeseen/unexpected market forces/events. Thus, orders which will not be honored for dispatch on the specific dates should be made available to the customer care department so the affected customers can be informed early enough and their deliveries rescheduled. 

Stock Management

It is expected that certain products will be unavailable within certain periods. The vendor should log in to his/her account and make these products *out of stock* on their shop page and update the information so customers will not be able to place orders.

Once products are available in stock, the vendors should log in to his shop account and update the product status to *in stock*. This information should also be made available to the Afrimash staff to inform customers who wish to place calls for periodic updates. 

Constant Price Updates

The prevailing/new prices for the products for each week/as soon as there are new prices should be updated by the vendor on his/her shop account. The new price update should also be made available to the Afrimash staff as well to update customers.

Thus, early information of a change in prices/unavailability to the staff is important so customers can be kept abreast on the current status of the day-old chicks offered by the sellers. 

Dispute Resolution:

As the delivery of live animals often experiences challenging situations, it is important we come to agreeable terms in event of expected changes.

 Cases of Dead-on-Arrival Birds, Missing Birds:

  • Customers are expected to arrive early at the pickup points (this is feasible because the driver details and pickup points have been forwarded to the customers prior to dispatch-by the vendor).
  • After reception of their orders, customers are expected to confirm the delivery and condition respectively. Cases involving incomplete birds will require investigation and compensation.
  • The customers are to count their birds and contact the Afrimash customer care at the pickup points. The following information should be supplied: a number of mortalities/total number of missing birds (-50), pictorial or video evidence is strongly advised.
  • This information will be forwarded to the vendor for feedback/follow-up.

Compensation for Dead/Missing Birds

  • Cases of missing birds should be investigated by the vendor and an agreement reached with the customer.
  • Mortalities during transport should be sorted out by the vendor. After an investigation and conclusion have been arrived at, the vendor should inform the Afrimash customer care department of their compensation agreement with the customer for follow up (often, the compensation is reflected in the subsequent orders of the customers).

Payment of Vendors

With regards to Afrimash Buyers’ Protection Policy, vendors are paid after products are delivered and orders are marked as completed (after resolved disputes on both sides).

  • As reflected in the selling terms, Afrimash takes a commission of NGN 500/carton or NGN 10 per DOC; NGN100 per exotic turkey; and NGN50 per local turkey. Thus, for each price reflected on the website, Afrimash takes out her own commission before forwarding the outstanding payment to the vendor.
  • A list of the vendor’s completed orders will be made available with the outstanding payment honored on a weekly basis (to the vendor’s account).
  • The vendor is also advised to forward the list of orders received/dispatched and completed as reflected on their Afrimash account/or handwritten for account harmonization. This should include the: order number, product name, quantity (cartons), prevailing price per carton, shipping fee and reflected the total pending payment.

Discounts Offered

Discounts should be offered for the purchase of large orders. The standard discount offered from the vendors to customers who wish to purchase 20 cartons and above is (NGN -250).

  • Special considerations should be made for orders of 40 cartons and above (this could include scheduled farm delivery). Such customers have a higher chance of returning for subsequent transactions, thus it is in our best interests to retain their loyalty.

Additional Files to be Sent to Customers after Successful Placement of Orders

The additional files to be sent to the customers (broiler management guides, vaccination and medication schedules etc) will be uploaded to the Afrimash server and attached to the specified product. These will be optimized for automatic forwarding to the emails of our registered customers with processed orders-for downloads.