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African Giant Snails and Snail Farming (Volumes 1 and 2)

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Intensive Aquaculture (Fish Farmer’s Guide)

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Beginners Guide To Broiler Farming (184 Pages)

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Livestock ebooks are electronic books that focus on livestock farming and the effects of genetics, management, and transport of these animals on their health, physiology, and welfare. These books also discuss the economics of livestock farming.

We offer various PDF formats of livestock books (electronic versions-books) which cover topics on various livestock management and animal husbandry systems (poultry, snail farming, aquaculture etc) at affordable prices.
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Uses and Benefits

Livestock ebooks are aimed at helping livestock farmers with basic information about the management of animals.

They provide the necessary information required for the production of meat and milk.

They proffer answers to all the questions farmers are likely to have.

They are explanatory so that ordinary farmers with limited agricultural formal knowledge would understand.

Scientific terms are made as simple as possible to aid the farmers in understanding the basics.

These books contain details on the selection of flock, feeding, housing, disease control, sanitation, record-keeping, and waste management.

Livestock farming is an important part of agricultural farming and so, these books are important guides for farmers. Livestock farming is highly profitable but it is labour and capital-intensive. It requires a large land mass with sufficient food, clean water, and rich pasture. This type of farming requires patience and it could be a long-term business if well managed. Rearing livestock requires a well-grounded knowledge of breeding and genetics. Livestock farming is important in the rural and agricultural economies of the developing world. Books on varying topics from poultry farming, animal husbandry, fishery and aquaculture are available in this category.