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Meet Olusegun – the customer of the month for the day-old chick’s category on Afrimash.

There’s a guarantee on quality and fulfillment on what you are purchasing.

Okunade Olusegun Matthew, Zenith Farm, Kaduna

Every month, we appreciate our customers for every category of products on our website and we ask them questions about their businesses and how Afrimash is specifically improving their agro-based businesses.

1. When did you start your farming business?

I started my Poultry business in 2010.

2. What motivated you to start your farming business?

I have a passion for livestock farming.

3. What challenges did you face and how were you able to manage or overcome them?

I faced a disease outbreak but with my experience, I was able to know the right thing to do in order to curb the outbreak.

The other problem I had was selling my harvest to the open market but I have been able to meet my targeted customers.

4. How did you come in contact with Afrimash?

I got to know Afrimash through Facebook.

5. How did Afrimash help your farming business?

I am able to get quality Day old chicks from Afrimash.

6. Why would you recommend your friend to Afrimash?

There’s a guarantee on quality and fulfillment on what you are purchasing.

7. What challenges do you think farm business is facing in Nigeria?

The paramount challenge is funding.

8. How do you think Afrimash is helping farm business in Nigeria?

Farmers and agro-based businesses are able to get quality inputs conveniently.

Afrimash is making farm business easy for over 2000 farmers in Nigeria including Olusegun and just like him; you can also enjoy easy and convenient access to quality farm inputs through Afrimash.

Visit now to enjoy our premium products and services.

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