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Accessagriculture uploaded five new cattle videos on their platform and they are available in English,

120 Keeping milk free from antibiotics

French, Hausa, Peulh/Fulfulde, and Yoruba languages. Below is the titles of these new videos:

  1. Keeping milk clean and fresh
  2. Taking milk to the collection centre
  3. Managing cattle ticks
  4. Keeping milk free from antibiotics
  5. Pure milk is good milk

Accessagriculture also uploaded six new videos on onions and they are currently available in

9918 red onions for sale at roadside shop

English, and French languages. You can therefore access the following videos:

  1. Making more money from onions
  2. The onion nursery
  3. Installing an onion field
  4. How to make a fertile soil for onions
  5. Managing onion diseases
  6. Harvesting and storing onions

The AA website has produced as per today some 124 videos , translated in 66 different local languages spoken across the world, and that can be accessed freely.

To be able to download one of the videos available, simply register on www.accessagriculture.org.



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