Ornamental Plants are plants that are grown mainly for beautification. They can be used for various purposes such as landscaping, agriculture, and medicine. They are of different types and classes. Some of the common ones are azaleas, holly, oil palm, lotus, ivy, and sunflowers.

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Uses and Benefits
They are used to add beauty to gardens.

They add texture and colour to an area.

They are great additions to designing a landscape.

They can be divided into two: Herbaceous and Woody ornamental plants.

Plants like the Almond tree provide shade around houses.

They also act as windbreaks when planted beside houses.


The environmental conditions of your area should be studied properly before planting ornamental plants. They require stable and cool atmospheric conditions. The herbaceous plants are seasonal flowers. Some are annual, biennial, perennial, and aquatic plants. The annual plants are further divided into winter season flowers (aster, marigold, cosmos, dahlia), summer season flowers (balsam, cock’s comb), and all-season flowers (sunflower, zinnias). Holy hock, Asparagus officinalis, and Lotus are examples of the biennial, perennial, and aquatic plants respectively. Lilies, cactus, ferns, and orchids are also under the herbaceous plants’ category. e.g daffodils, rose cactus, sword fern, and vanda. Flowering shrubs (rose, jasmine, kamini), non-flowering shrubs (musanda, croton), flowering trees (magnolia, ashok, ironwood tree), foliage ornamental trees (rubber, eucalyptus), conifers (juniper, pine, thuja), hedge plants (iroxa, duranta), and palms (oil palm, butterfly palm, fishtail palm) are under the woody plants.