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Welcome to the Afrimash Rocks and Minerals section!

This section provides support for farmers in the development of good soil structure and quality for sustainable crop production systems.

Apart from rocks being the parent material from which soil is formed through agents of weathering such as heat and rainfall, a vast number of minerals are locked up in rocks. From potassium to calcium and a host of trace minerals, rocks may just be one of the most important resource in agriculture after sunlight and rain.
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You might not know it, but rocks and minerals are the backbones of modern agriculture. It’s not just about the food we eat, but also about the healthy soil it’s grown in. Also, with their help, you can grow plants and crops without pesticides and herbicides.
We offer a wide range of minerals to help you with the most crucial parts of your farm or garden. So if you need anything from fertilizer to rock for your crops, we have you covered!
Some of the products we offer are ground limestone or granulated lime. So, whether you already know what you want or you need some assistance making a choice, you can rely on Afrimash to offer the guidance and expertise you require.