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Farm Machinery/Equipment are mechanical devices including tractors and implements used to reduce labour in farming. They are useful in farm operations like irrigation, planting, harvesting, land preparation, processing of agricultural products, etc.

These pieces of equipment are of different sizes and forms. They can be big, small, stationary, or mobile. Some of them are:-

Feed mill, pelletizing machine, tractor, knapsack sprayer, fertilizer applicator machine, baler, crusher, plough, cotton harvester, rotary tiller, slurry tank, fish feed dryer, wet mixer, eggs incubator, ice foggers, grains planter, etc. Each farm equipment is new, durable, and available for shipping worldwide.
Uses and Benefits

Farm machinery is used in the production of agricultural and horticultural products.
They increase the amount of work done in a stipulated timeframe and contribute greatly to reducing the cost of labour.
They aid in improving yield because their work output is usually accurate and uniform.
They help boost the farming practice of the farmer from subsistence farming to commercial farming by reducing the cost of production and improving production efficiency.

Farm machinery basically means all the tools and machines used in the production, harvesting, maintenance, and supervision of farm products. They range from simple handheld equipment to heavy, mechanized machines. Farming operations vary, so, therefore, they differ in their uses.
In crop production, they handle the primary and secondary tillage of the soil; distribution and application of fertilizer in the soil; seeding, planting, and transplanting; cultivation and pest control; harvesting; transportation and storage of products; water conservation; irrigation and erosion control.