Watering Can (Plastic | 12 Liters Capacity)

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Drip Tape (For Drip Irrigation | Rubber Material)

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Irrigation is the science of planning and developing a man-made water delivery system in farmlands to protect crops from the negative effects of drought or low rainfall. There are different methods of irrigation including manual watering, sprinkler systems, and drip irrigation, etc. The farmer decides on the best method to use depending on the sort of crop to be planted.
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At Afrimash, we offer a variety of farm irrigation equipment for the implementation of small-scale or large-scale irrigation systems on your farmland. Some of the equipment in this category include: drip irrigation kit, high-capacity water pump, hole punch, water connectors watering cans and watering vaults.

Others include fogger nozzles, irrigation sprinklers, end connectors, drip filters, grommets, irrigation spray tube, hose, rain gun, drip tape, spray gun, etc.

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Rather than relying solely on rainfall, irrigation uses water provided by pipelines, sprinklers, canals, sprays, pumps, and other man-made elements to water crops. It is used as an alternative to rain-fed agriculture and helps provide plants with the nutrients they need for development and growth.


Tomatoes and vegetables benefit from the drip system. On the other hand, crops like rice and millet do well with rain gun irrigation.