This section lists the necessary rabbit equipment needed for improved husbandry practices and proper management.

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Rabbit Husbandry or cuniculture are the practices involved in the raising of domestic rabbits for meat, sale, fur or as pests.

Providing housing is very important in rabbit management. Note:

Cages with solid floors are best- wire floors can cause foot and leg injuries.
Cages with wire sides are highly recommended in order to provide adequate ventilation
It can be very dangerous to house your rabbit outdoors as they can easily freeze or overheat.
Provide at least one hiding house/tunnel as a place to hide and feel safe.
Provide bedding material, appropriate material including blankets, small animal bedding, shavings, and newspaper.

For Proper Husbandry Practices, some equipment like Rabbit cages, rabbit nipple drinkers, rabbit feeder and drinker, rabbit nest box and many more will be needed.  This section features these products.