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Poultry equipment is a category of tools used in poultry farms to ensure easy and efficient farming operations. They enable easy management of the poultry birds and great productivity.

They are further categorised into various divisions according to their unique purposes. There are feeding equipment, incubation equipment, brooder equipment, drinking equipment, egg handling equipment, housing equipment, and vaccination equipment.
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Examples of poultry equipment are feeders, nipple drinkers, portable incubators, bell drinkers, industrial incubators, paper egg crates, bird transport crates, plastic egg crates, chicken cages, paddles, and gas brooders, e.t.c.
Uses and Benefits

Poultry equipment ensure smooth and effective running of the farm.
They help in keeping the poultry farm neat and orderly.
They encourage faster development and great productivity of the poultry birds.
They are affordable and easy to use.
They are easy to handle and maintain.
They are made of top-quality materials.
They limit the rate of injuries among the birds and also among the farmers.
Equipment like bird transport crates and chicken cages preserve the chickens from external attack.
Feeders and Drinkers keep their food and water clean and hygienic, therefore protecting them from diseases that might occur due to contamination of their food and water.
Brooders help in keeping the temperature of the farms or barns stable.
Egg Crates ensure proper and safe handling of the eggs.
Incubators aid in the quick grooming of laid eggs.

All poultry equipment are labour-saving devices and this makes them very useful and important to have in poultry farms.