A Defeathering machine is a tool used to remove feathers from poultry birds after they have been slaughtered. They are used for cockerels, broilers, turkeys, old layers, e.t.c

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Uses and Benefits

Defeathering machines are highly efficient and time-saving.

They also reduce the amount of labour involved in plucking birds’ feathers.

They ensure the quick processing of chickens and turkeys.

They are durable and affordable.
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They are easy to clean.

They leave no bruises on the skin of the chickens.

It is made of stainless steel.

A Defeathering machine is an efficient tool used in removing feathers from poultry birds within a brief duration. It can work on as many as two to three birds in one minute. It is suitable for use in households. This equipment is of various capacities depending on the needs of the user. This machine offers a mix of mechanical efficiency, scalding efficiency, and time-saving quality for the quick processing of poultry birds for farmers/vendors. The machine consists of rotating stainless-steel disks with rubber ‘fingers’ placed on them. When the birds are conveyed through the rotating fingers, the feathers are plucked off from the carcass. Water sprays flush away the feathers. The machine also possesses an electric motor. It is composed of stainless steel for easy cleaning. It possesses a convenient on/off switch.

It is a tool designed as a cylindrical stainless-steel jar mounted on a rectangular metal frame.