Welcome to the Afrimash Chicks Equipment section!

Chicks are young chickens bred for meat and egg production. They provide the best quality meat in taste and appearance. They are easy to raise and are a suitable market option because of their excellent feed conversion ratio and yield.
Our day-old chicks are categorized into

Pullets (black pullets, Novogen brown, Isa Brown, Lohmann Brown etc).
Broilers (including Marshall, arbor acres, ross 308, and others),
Cockerels (white cockerels and black cockerels) and kuroilers

A poultry farm is one of the easiest agriculture businesses to start and manage if you have the right tools. Whether you are looking to start a poultry farm or looking to get equipment and tools for better operation on your poultry farm, we have something for you.

Explore this page to find the equipment necessary to start or manage your poultry farm. We offer a wide range of chicks equipment including:

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feeders used for feeding chicks ;
drinkers for providing fresh and clean drinking water to poultry birds;
brooding bulb for keeping livestock warm;
incubators that mimic the natural conditions (temperature and humidity) for eggs to incubate and hatch successfully;
debeaking machines for trimming the beaks of young birds in other to avoid feather pulling and cannibalism, as well as to reduce feed waste, etc.