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Welcome to the home of Mature Turkeys!

At Afrimash, we offer you healthy and strong turkeys. These mature turkeys are raised in clean and hygienic environments and under very good conditions (including nutrition) required for healthy growth and development.
Benefits of Turkey Meat

Rich source of Protein: Turkey meat is a very rich source of protein which fulfills nearly half the amount of recommended daily intake.
Good Source of B Vitamins: Turkey meat is a good source of B Vitamins like Vitamin B-3 and B-6. A single serving of the turkey meat fulfills approximately 36% of Vitamin B-3 and 27% of Vitamin B-6.[wpsm_toggle title=”read more”]

Low in Fat Content: Turkey meat contains less amount of fat. An ounce of turkey meat contains only 1 gram of fat without skin.
Helps in the Strengthening of Bones: Turkey meat contains calcium, magnesium, protein, and Vitamin D which helps to strengthen your bones.
Helps to strengthen Immune System: Turkey meat contains an important amino acid called Tryptophan. Tryptophan helps to produce serotonin which plays an essential role in the strengthening of the immune system.
Rich in Iron: Turkey breasts contain a good amount of iron. Iron is very essential for blood production and energy production.
Healthy Skin and Hair: Eating turkey meat regularly promotes healthy skin and hair. Protein is the building block of hair and skin.