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Farming scales are integral to the operation of working farms, whether the speciality is livestock or cash crop. Primarily, livestock weighing scales are used to physically weigh the animals in order to track their performance and estimated profits. The other use of a weigh scale for livestock is to measure feed and help with planning and managing its inventory.

Scales used for weighing livestock must be up-to-date, durable, and properly calibrated to ensure that you get the most accurate results possible. This is because when dealing with livestock weight, inaccuracies can have a negative impact on profits as well as animal performance.  Hence, it has become imperative for livestock farmers to understand the various types of agricultural scales available in order to determine which one best suit their livestock. In this article, I have listed ten (10) of the most accurate agricultural scales available, as well as some of the most recent advances in weighing technology for the agricultural industry:

Floor/Platform Weighing Scales:

A Platform Scale is an industrial weighing instrument. This consists of a platform coupled to an automatic system of levers and adjustable weights, used to weigh large or heavy objects. These scales have plate surfaces that are close to the ground, making it easy for larger livestock like cows and pigs to walk on without much effort.

Pen Type Scales/Single Animal Scales (SAS):

Single Animal Scales are great for smaller operations, where you need to weigh only one animal at a time.  Pen-type scales provide detailed analysis about the weight of the animal and usually includes padded flooring and steel bars, to keep the animal in place.

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Pallet Beams Weighing Scale:

Pallet beams combine with weighing platforms to form effective cattle weighing scales. You can place large platforms on top of these beams to weigh small livestock such as lambs, calves and goats, etc.

Farm Bar Scale:

Farm Bar Scales are heavy-duty, electronic load cell scales that you can mount under most cattle squeeze chutes, hog crates, feed hoppers and custom platforms. They are extremely durable, and often weather-proof, due to the fact they are typically constructed from steel.

Full-Size Livestock Weighing Scales:

These are suitable for weighing multiple animals at the same time. A full-size livestock scale comes in various forms, such as a Livestock Ring Scale, a Mechanical Stationary Livestock Scale, or a Mobile Group Livestock Scale. Livestock Ring Scales are highly customizable but are stationary. The Mobile Group Livestock Scale on the other hand is movable.

Hanging Scales:

If your animal is under 200 pounds you may want to consider using a hanging scale. Not only are hanging scales cheaper than other livestock scales, but they are also conveniently portable.

Pig Sorters:

The pig farm weighing and sorting scales are packed with high-tech features, making organizing and tracking weight data a simple task. 

Compact Scales:

These include accurate, reliable and compact bench scales. The function of these scales includes check-weighing features for weighing livestock medicines, supplements and small grains to a pre-set weight.

Digital Load Cell/Digital Weight Indicator:

A load cell is a device that digitally measures the force, weight, or pressure placed on it.

Portable Weighing Scales:

A portable scale brings you the flexibility in setting up a weighing site. This can be transported by a flatbed truck or other similar vehicles. It can be used anywhere, such as for alleyways, squeeze chutes, or on uneven surfaces like gravel.

Please note that when purchasing livestock weighing scales, there are a few important factors to consider. The type of animals you want to weigh as well as their characteristics are the first things to consider. You can choose from a variety of scales, including pen-like scales, which are ideal for weighing difficult-to-rule animals. You can, on the other hand, opt for a rectangular or square scale, which is ideal for weighing larger animals.

Additionally, you should purchase water-resistant livestock weighing scales as much as possible. This will help to avoid easy damage or corrosion due to animal waste or rain.

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One thought on “10 Best Weighing Scales To Accurately Track Your Livestock Performance

  1. Janice S Becraft says:

    Need NTEP, legal for trade,, scales. Need a ally single calf, digital , water resistant scales and can weigh 5000# . Who builds them? Need contact info.
    This is for a 4 H dairy feeder and cattle project in Cass County Michigan.

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