5 Resolutions To Set Your Farm Business For Success In 2022

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Everyone makes resolutions they want to stick to in the new year. Frankly, these resolutions can be hard to keep as we often forget about them sooner or later. But if we try, we will feel great once we accomplish them. So, it is good to reflect and make goals to improve and create new wins in the new year. Here are 5 resolutions to set your farm business up for success in 2022.

1. Be Intentional About Your Goals

To be intentional means getting a clear picture of what you want to achieve and taking deliberate action towards them daily. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and develop a plan on how and when to get there. Let your goals be specific and realistic by considering the time and resources you have to accomplish them. For instance, stating you want to increase egg production on your farm by 5 per cent in the next six months and 10 per cent by the end of the year is more effective than just saying you want to increase production. Also, prioritize your farm activities according to their importance and track your progress to tell you if your efforts are working.

2. Stay Updated

In 2022, put yourself at the centre of your plan for success by identifying areas where you want or need more information. If there’s something on your farm you would like to learn more about, figure out what you need to do next. You can avail yourself of ebooks, attend webinars, and gain insights from reputable sources to learn more about farming and get better at what you do. Doing this, will not only increase your confidence that you can succeed as a farmer, but it will also make your farm business more profitable and efficient.

3. Better Manage Costs

Be strategic in purchasing your seeds, vaccines, equipment and other farm inputs that ultimately determine your farm yield and productivity. While you look out for choosing the cheapest option, ensure that the quality of the product still meets your farm needs.
Also, it is time to start saving more money. Cut back on expenses so that your goal is realistic and profits invested safely. Also, take advantage of exclusive discount offers, deals, and promos to save big this year.

4. Get Helpful Advice From The Pros

Where do you turn when you have challenging situations on your farm and need extra support for your farm operations? This year, leverage the expertise of agricultural professionals to improve your farm production practices and avoid loss or poor yield on your farm. We have highly experienced professionals that provide the reliable and personalized support you need to achieve your goals.

5. Farm Conveniently

No doubt, there is the easiest and smartest way you can shop for your farm needs like equipment, seeds, day-old chicks and more – from the comfort of your home or farm. Bid goodbye to the tedious process of waiting in lines or moving from one market or store to another to buy your farm needs. Get everything you need for your farm at once with a single click. With thousands of farm inputs across various categories, Afrimash digital marketplace is the way to go in 2022.

As a farmer, there is always something new to learn and do, whether it is about your crops, livestock, crop, or finances. We hope these goals will inspire you to plan out how to journey through the new year and watch 2022 become your best year yet.

Do you have resolutions for your farm in the new year? If so, we would love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below.



4 thoughts on “5 Resolutions To Set Your Farm Business For Success In 2022

  1. alifarms says:

    Thanks for the updates

    1. Hello Ali Farms,
      Thanks for reading! We hope you found the article useful.

  2. Akosile Adams babatunde says:

    Thanks you Afrimash how do I get my supply in zamfara state to be precise Kaura namoda local government area thank you

    1. Hello Akosile,
      Thank you for reaching out to us.
      We have flexible delivery options which include local pick up, home/farm delivery, and Economy. However, for your day-old chicks orders, our pickup point for Zamfara State is at Gusau.

      You can also click here to chat with our agents on WhatsApp or call 08094091115 for more information.

      Thank you for choosing Afrimash.

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