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As the leading Agritech (e-commerce company) in Nigeria, Afrimash has been strategically recruiting professionals to improve access to updated information, and digital advisory as well as optimize the agriculture value chain and her key players. The growing list of veterinarians in Afrimash includes:


Dr Omolabake Olusanya is a young female veterinary doctor that is well versed with experience despite her young age. Asides from being a scholar in school, she was also an active member of the Veterinary News Organization, and she served as the deputy editor-in-chief.

Omolabake Olusanya

Dr Labake resumed in Afrimash as a Sales Account Executive. Her workflow involves communicating with customers virtually and also taking the further step to provide telemedicine services to farmers across the country, giving her the Vet-in-Tech badge. She also enjoys farming and looks forward to owning her farm. Dr Labake has a strong belief in Afrimash growing far beyond the borders of Nigeria to become a world-renowned revolution.


With Afrimash always having a way of bringing on the best talents onboard, it’s no surprise that the company has been able to bring in an outstanding veterinarian. Building on vast experience garnered during his training years in Vet. school, Dr Uthman worked as one of the pioneer staff members at Olam Hatcheries as a farm veterinarian.

Dr Uthman

He joined the Afrimash team in October, working in the role of Livestock Category Manager. This involves managing vendors of livestock-related farm inputs across Nigeria and ensuring all necessary products are listed and available to farmers. Dr Uthman is enthusiastic about his work in Afrimash and looks forward to making impacts and progressive changes in the company.

He looks forward to owning one of the largest livestock farms in Nigeria.


Dr Blessing Jegede is another extraordinary talent that Afrimash was able to employ. She came on board at a precarious time for the company and despite this being her first work experience, she handled multiple roles for weeks to keep the company running.

Blessing Jegede

Dr Blessing is known for her leadership skills and has ascended the career ladder steadily in Afrimash. Coming in as an intern, she has progressed to attain the role of the Head of the Customer Experience Department in the company. She is passionate about the growth of Afrimash and is attuned to the mission and vision of the company.


Dr Ige Abdullah though a fresh graduate from the University of Ibadan has been part of the Afrimash family since the year 2020 while he was still in school. He came on board as a freelancer, creating hundreds of product pages and descriptions for the company’s website.

Ige Abdullah

Afrimash, a company that continues to recognize value, offered a new contract to Dr Ige after attaining his DVM degree. Currently, he is the Category Manager of the Day Old Chicks sector for the company where he has been able to sign partnerships with different hatcheries in the country.

Dr Ige is excited to be part of the Afrimash team, and is very grateful he took the leap that got him his first role in the company.


Dr. Esther Oni is also a fresh graduate from the University of Ibadan. While in school, she took up skills such as writing, academic research, proofreading, and web design despite studying what is popularly regarded as an all-consuming course. Dr Esther came on to the Afrimash team earlier this year as an intern to work in the role of researcher and data analyst.

Esther Oni

Her contributions as a data analyst have helped reorient several aspects of operations in the company, and her assistance in sourcing for manufacturers and vendors of farming inputs aids the company’s endeavours in connecting farmers with quality inputs.


Dr Charles Nwishienyi goes far beyond the borders of the capacity of a registered veterinary doctor. He went into veterinary school with zero interest, only to be swept in by the versatility of the course. A people person, Dr Charles enjoys bringing out the best in people and was the class rep for his undergraduate class for 5 years.

Charles Nwishienyi

This quality extended into his role at Afrimash, having him at the helm of managing customers, vendors, and eventually staff members. He came in as a customer support staff and has advanced to the role of Departmental head of Partner Experience, Head of Operations & administration. Dr Charles ensures to impact as much as he can, making decisions that help move the company forward.

He explores his artistic side through seldom fiction writing and more frequent art drawings.


Dr Ayoade Oyedotun is the founder and CEO of Afrimash Company Limited. With the teenage goal of becoming a Chemical Engineer to support his family’s business, the course of fate and life decisions had him studying Veterinary Medicine at the University of Ibadan.

Ayoade Oyedotun

Coming out of the vet. school with refined dreams and ethics, Dr Ayo started a poultry farm that ran for four years bringing him closer to the reality of the needs of farmers. Driven with the purpose to alleviate the difficulty in getting quality farm inputs, Dr Ayo created Afrimash, a digital marketplace for farmers that provides their needs with the click of a button. Over the years, he has been able to nurture Afrimash from a start-up idea to a full-fledged business that makes agriculture convenient for farmers.

Dr Ayo also runs a blog, Woculus, on professional writing and communication that has over 300,000 visitors each month. 



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