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Afrimash has been selected as one of the beneficiaries of the Oxfam 2022 Impact Business Superstar grant and technical support to implement the Agro Logistics Project  —  a tech-enabled solution aimed at eliminating the distribution of adulterated day-old chicks in Nigeria.

One of the most challenging issues faced by poultry farmers in Nigeria is how the distribution of day-old chicks allows for the adulteration of birds. Consequently, farmers incur low output and losses from raising bad-quality chicks despite adhering to best management practices. Afrimash aims to play a significant role in ensuring poultry farmers have access to healthy, quality chicks through the Agro Logistic Project funded by Oxfam International. This project will help us improve productivity, efficiency, and profits for all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain, while also creating resources such as employment and livelihood opportunities for youths and women across the country.

Afrimash will set up about 75 pickup centers across 15 states in Nigeria to ensure that small, medium, and large-sized poultry farmers receive quality day-old chicks supplied by Afrimash in partnership with reputable hatcheries and other verified day-old chicks suppliers. Poultry farmers would easily track the delivery of their birds and verify the ingenuity of delivered day-old chicks via the Afrimash mobile application. Developing a traceability solution, effective transportation network, and pickup centers are the main activities to achieving the objectives of the Afrimash Agro logistics project funded by Oxfam.

Afrimash’s first contact with Oxfam was in 2020 when Afrimash was trained under the Oxfam-EDC Work-in-Progress program. It was a phenomenal experience – a business-changing experience for us, as a startup.” says Co-founder/CEO Dr. Ayoade Oyedotun. “Fast-forward to 2022, today we have been selected as a 2022 Oxfam Impact Business Superstar. A very big thank you to the entire Oxfam team for choosing Afrimash! We are so excited, and we look forward to breaking new ground and expanding the Afrimash impact on women and youth, thereby contributing to achieving the vision of Oxfam.

We couldn’t be prouder of our win, and we are so thankful to Oxfam for choosing Afrimash. We’ve been honored to work with Oxfam in the past, and we are excited about this new support as we continue our journey to make agriculture convenient for everyone.

We can’t wait to see the positive impact and achievement we will have through this project!

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