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Afrimash At 7th Mini Grids Action Learning Event In Nairobi, Kenya

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As a company focused on agricultural technology in Africa, Afrimash recently participated in the 7th Mini Grids Action Learning Event in Nairobi, Kenya. The event brought together stakeholders in the mini-grid sector from over 65 countries across the world to discuss and accelerate the deployment of mini-grids for universal access to electricity. Representing Afrimash at the event was the Programs and Operations Manager, Charles Nwishienyi.

The event was held from the 27th of February to the 3rd of March 2023 and featured country-specific programs, global best practices, private matchmaking, and frontier roundtables with over 700 professionals from leading public and private sector organizations to advance mini-grids deployment in Africa.

The week-long conference was a great success, with many highlights particularly the Sub-Saharan Africa country day event, which focused on identifying the challenges and opportunities for successful mini-grid projects in the region. Specifically, the discussions centered on creating an enabling business environment for mini-grids, lessons learned from deployment programs, and the role of tariffs, grants, and concessional financing in kickstarting deployment. Additionally, there were roundtable talks on other key challenges, such as informing communities about their mini-grid potential, aligning productive appliance companies with the rollout of mini-grid connections, and aligning e-mobility and e-cooking growth with mini-grid deployment. 

Afrimash was also well-represented at the private matchmaking event, which allowed stakeholders, such as mini-grid developers, microfinance institutions, suppliers of electrical appliances, and development partners, to connect and collaborate on future projects. Some of these partners include the Nigerian Rural Electrification Agency, Nigerian GEAPP team, Nigerian ESMAP team, Husk Energy, LAPO MF Bank, Havenhill Developers, Renewvia Energy, Bennie Agro, RMI, REA, Engies, OOK, Niji Group, VIDA and WorldBank, and other stakeholders in the energy sector that will be instrumental to the success of our project with RMI.

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Afrimash Programs and Operations Manager, Charles Nwishienyi with Partners at the Event

Overall, the 7th Mini Grids Action Learning Event provided an excellent platform for Afrimash and other stakeholders to share ideas and experiences, learn, network, and collaborate on advancing mini-grid deployment in Africa. The valuable insights gained into the latest developments in the mini-grids sector, including best practices, policies, and technologies, as well as the newly established networks with over 100 potential partners across different countries, will be invaluable as Afrimash continues to position itself in providing innovative solutions to help accelerate the deployment of mini-grids in Africa. 

With a focus on sustainable and affordable energy solutions, Afrimash will be working with stakeholders across the value chain to develop and implement mini-grid projects that meet the specific needs of communities and businesses in Nigeria.



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